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Karen Gillan Hot selfie: Doctor Who star takes off for new US TV arrangement

Karen Gillan may need one final traverse in the traffic – to moment tour flipside to the microscopic she overlooked her garments.The fire haired TV top choice, twenty six, is the idol of original ABC! arrangement Selfie which show in September. It’s a long ways from her neat and tidy depiction as the Doctor’s sidekick Amy Pond in the hit BBC arrangement. What’s more, she seems to have swapped time travel for cameras as she plays a young lady fixated on taking selfies. Karen beforehand peeled off when she showed up in film Not Another Happy Ending.At the time she confessed to feeling anxious about getting exposed infront of the cameras. She stated: “I was truly anxious previously – actually I knew I’d need to stay there throughout the day without anything on. “Everybody was quite recently exceptionally conscious and by the end I’d overlooked I didn’t have any garments on!” Karen as of late shed her streaming reddish-brown locks to play uncovered, blue outsider warrior Nebula in the up and coming Marvel motion picture Guardians of the Galaxy film.

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Karen Gillan Isn’t Afraid to Lay in the Grass

Karen Gillan Doesn’t want That belt besides

Karen Gillan Doesn’t Care That Heels Aren’t Allowed on the Couch

Karen Gillan hot Will Pull Her Hair Out If You Dare Her

Karen heaved a Muscle in Her Back

Karen Gillan is a Photography Nuts

Karen Gillan Begs For Forgiveness

Karen Gillan Doesn’t Understand What’s Behind This Wall

Karen Gillan Hopes She’s Allowed Out of Time Out

Karen Gillan Before She Morphs Into a Superhero

Karen Gillan is Hiding a Knife Behind Her Back

Louis Vuitton Belt Gives Karen Gillan Special Powers

Karen Gillan Thinks She Forgot Her Wallet

Karen Gillan hot  is Snoopin’ Around

Karen Gillan Thinks She’s Found the Thief

Karen Gillan is Ready to Take Home Her Trophy

Karen Gillan Finds Art Exhausting

Karen Gillan is geared up For a nighttime on the township

Karen Gillan Can’t Find Her Lightswitch

Karen Gillan’s Bag is Almost as Big as Her

Karen Gillan Wanted MILK IN HER COFFEE

Karen Gillan Isn’t Only in Doctor Who, She’s it’s Biggest Fan

Karen Gillan Isn’t Afraid of Cars

Try not to Steal Karen Gillan’s Teddy

Evidently Karen Gillan Wasn’t in the Mood For Jokes

Karen Gillan Shouldn’t Have Touched That Socket

Karen Gillan Knows Her Shoes Look Ridiculous

Karen Gillan Can Bend Into a Pretzel

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